A Letter with Water Eye, from a Liver that Sick

Malem ini lagi ngumpulin niat buat ngapalin surat Alhujurat yg mesti disetor kamis pagi. Sambil nunggu niatnya terkumpul, eh nemu artikel ini. Bacanya pelan-pelan, biar ngerti maksudnya apa :)
A letter with water eye, from a liver that sick

Hi Robbie, with this letter I want to give know you. I WANT TO CUT CONNECTION US. I have think this cook cook. I know my love only clap half hand.

Like this the story...

Correctly, I have see you go with a woman entertainment at town with my eyes and head myself. You always ask apology back back times. You eyes drop tears crocodile. You correct-correct a man crocodile land

My Friend have speak you play fire, before... Now I know you correct-correct play fire. So, I break connection and pull body from love triangle this.

I know decision I pick this very correct, because you love she more big from me.

But I still will not go far far from here. I don't want you play-play with my liver. I have been crying night-night until no more eye water thinking about your body. I don't want to sick my liver for two times

Safe walk, ya Robbie!

From me, Girl friend of your liver

NB: This river I forgive you, next river I feel I will kill you!

From my deep liver :),


PS : The letter originally copas from this site


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