Princess - Addicted to Acoustic (with album download)

I love acoustic song! Entah itu versi akustik yang dinyanyikan oleh penyanyi aslinya ataupun ada artis lain yang nyanyiin lagu, cover song gitu istilahnya. Naah ada salah satu penyanyi dari Filipina yang tiap tahun (dari 2009) yang nge-release album cover lagu-lagu terkenal dan dibuat jadi akustik, namanya Princess Velasco. There's nothing more on her that i could explain (because when i google her name the info that appeared was her scandal and spam -of course- :p). Dan karena saya senang sama lagu-lagunya maka sebisa mungkin saya menularkannya ke banyak orang, haha.  Here, check her out.

Ini dibawah ada 3 album beserta link downloadnya. These link insya Allah new and active :) just leave the comment below if you find an error page.

~ Addicted to Acoustic (2009) ~

Genre: Acoustic Guitar, Pop | Label: Vicor Music | 18 Tracks | MP3 ~256 kbps
01 Single Ladies (Beyonce Knowles)
02 Thinking Of You (Katty Perry)
03 With You (Colbie Caillat)
04 I`m Yours (Jason Mraz)
05 Bleeding Love (Leona Lewis)
06 Love Story (Taylor Swift)
07 Crush (David Archuleta)
08 T-Shirt (Destiny's Child)
09 Love Bug (Jonas Brothers)
10 Say It Again (Marie Digby)
11 Realize (Colbie Caillat)
12 The Time Of My Life (David Cook)
13 Right Now Na Na Na (Akon)
14 Ordinary People (John Legend)
15 Thunder (Boys Like Girls)
16 If I Were A Boy (Beyonce Knowles)
17 I Hate This Part (Pussycat Dolls)
18 Decode (Paramore)
Download here

  ~ Addicted to Acoustic 2 (2010) ~ 

Genre: Acoustic Guitar, Pop | Label: Vicor Music | 18 Tracks | MP3 ~256 kbps
01 Bad Romance (4:09)
02 Where Are You Now (3:35)
03 3 (3:36)
04 Two Is Better Than One (4:15)
05 Fireflies (4:03)
06 Fallin' For You (3:55)
07 You Belong With Me (4:32)
08 Touch My Hand (4:21)
09 Mad (4:44)
10 One Time (4:15)
11 Tik Tok (3:38)
12 Already Gone (4:33)
13Mama Do (3:21)
14 New Divide (4:09)
15 Trouble Is A Friend (3:40)
16 Who Says (3:43)
17 Whatcha Say (4:16)
18 You Still Have My Heart (3:26)
Download here

~ Addicted to Acoustic 3 (2011) ~

Genre: Acoustic Guitar, Pop | Label: Vicor Music | 16 Tracks | MP3 ~256 kbps
1. Firework
2. Love the Way You Lie (Part II)
3. U Smile
4. Just the way you are
5. Dynamite
6. Teenage Dream
7. Mine
8. Something about Love
9. Please Don't go
10. DJ Got Us
11. Falling in Love Again
12. Beautiful Monster
13. Perfectly Lonely
14. Don't go
15. Lonely Night
Download here 


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