You, You, You, You, and You.

Maybe after you read you will say that, "yeah people come and go.." or "you just overreacted.." or "you such a drama-queen ." But this is how i feel. This few months, people that i used to be close now we become stranger to each other. We used to spend our time together, did all of those silly things, laughing and joking and telling all the details in our days freely. I mean, yes, i do know you graduate and you have those job, or you back to your homeland or you said that you busy adapting with your new life, bla bla bla. Argh, I really hate this situation.

If you go now
Please leave the light on
Just say goodbye now and leave
With you gone now
You've turn the right to wrong
It's getting hard now to breathe

If I break down
And you see me fading out
I know enough now to make it right
If I don't stop
I just keep on waiting up
Well I know enough to know I'll never make it right

(When the lights die - Boyce Avenue)

From me that miss you, a lot.



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