The Mentalist

I decided i'm not gonna watching The Mentalist anymore after this fifth season. I did not enjoy this season at all. The episodes are starting to get boring and tiring. I think the writers are starting to run out of good story lines for episodes. And the Red John case? Pfft, even I don't really care who Red John is anymore.

Couple years ago when i start watching this show i'm amazed how the Patrick Jane character works. His reformed flimflam man takes a cool, roguish pleasure in solving murders by reading the same tells and tics he once used to con people into thinking they were talking to dead loved ones. The joy is Jane's sheer satisfaction in figuring out who is the murder, he'd be glad to throw in the embarrassing revelation as a freebie. There something delightful for me about how Jane looks at the rest of us as simple machines whose gears he can see whirring on the surface.

But that delightful days is over. Good bye, Patrick Jane! I'm not gonna watch you anymore!



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