We Only Live Once.

Lagi terngiang2 banget sama lagunya Shane Westlife yang judulnya Once. Liriknya itu looh bikin semangat. Terutama dengerinnya pas lagi ngerjain laporan atau lagi milah2 kerjaan.

We worry about work, worry about money
worry if the punch line’s funny 
we worry if the sky is gonna fall 
we worry about winning, worry about losing 
worry about the roads we’re choosing 
we worry if that someone’s gonna call 
We spend so much precious time tryna figure out 
what this crazy maze of a beautiful world is all about 
So kick on back, fill your cup 
put on your favorite song, turn it up 
find a little peace of mind in the sunshine 
don’t waste your days looking at the clock 
say I love you to the ones you got 
don’t leave a lifetime of rights 
on the wrong side 
‘cos you only live once, once, once 
you only live once, once, once

Btw, gue udah dengarin lagu2nya Shane di album perdananya, bagus, cukup mengobati kerinduan akan Westlife *anak 90an*



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