#HIMYMFarewell #HIMYMFinale

So this is it. One of my favorite show is ended. Though i'm having mixed feelings about the ending, what the writers did was so realistic that everything (almost) made sense. 9 seasons. I watched the first episode 5 years ago and although it made me laugh more that I could tell you, I never just saw it as comedy. I show it about life and lesson we can learn from it. I saw it as a show to teach us the importance of friendship and love.

The character i like most is Ted. He doesn't have tons of crazy thought and acts like Barney but he has the deep-mind-thingy thing. He thinks and cares about other by the sweetest ways (or stupid-est way :p)

This show taught me so much through the years. I've learned to love a little more, take chances, not lose hope and most of all that you need friends, true friends. I am heartbroken that after today, there will not be any more lessons from this show. Each episode taught me something new and something that will stick with me forever.

Thank you Carter Bays and Craig Thomas for creating such an amazing show. Thank you Ted, Marshal, Robin, Lily and Barney for showing us the importance of friendship. Thank you for everything, it was an amazing and legen-waitforit-dary ride!



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