[Review] Newest 2014 TV Series

Aloha! As you know, dari beberapa pekan lalu series baru udah mulai tayang. Oh how I love September and October! Because that's when the tv season starts again and all of your favorites series comeback after a break. It's also the time to try and find new shows that might become favorites in future. Nah gue sebagai penikmat tv series, nyoba nonton dong pilot episode nya, siapa tau nemu series oke buat jadi tontonan sehari-hari di kala senggang, Here's my review.

1. Gotham

What it's about: Tentang Detektif James Gordon jaman masih muda, pas Gotham lagi masa suram, yang pada akhirnya bisa nyiptain hero kayak Batman dan villains macem Pinguin, Riddler, Poison Ivy.

Review: Gotham adalah tv series yang paling ditunggu tahun ini! Pas nonton trailernya aja gue langsung excited, soalnya vibe-nya semacem Batman Trilogy nya Nolan. Yang nonton film nya Nolan pasti ngerti apa yang gue maksud. And finally, I saw the two first episode. Pre Batman era never seemed so awesome. The plot seems elaborate and the way story is spreading and building up suspense, we definitely can expect a pretty epic ending in end season. Kita bakal diliatin interaksi Det. Gordon sama Bruce Wayne kecil, yang bikin kita jadi ngeuh kenapa Bruce segitu hormatnya sama Det. Gordon. Catwoman teenager juga ada porsinya disini. Terusnya relationship antara villain dengan polisi juga ada.. Ah, komplit deh pokoknya. Ohya, gue juga suka view Gotham city yang sering di-shoot dari atas. Cloudy and dark. It's just beautifully scary.

The acting was well out of league. I liked James Gordon's cast. Little Bruce Wayne seemed promising too. And the villain cast? Oh, they're just perfect.

Verdict: I'm so in! It's Batman series without the Batman, Because he's the hero Gotham deserves, but not the one it needs right now. For now, Gotham can do with Jim Gordon!

2. Forever

What it's about: Tentang Henry Morgan, pria 35 tahun yang sebenarnya udah hidup selama 2 abad yang bekerja sebagai kepala forensik dan mencoba mencari tau kenapa dan apa yang bisa ngebatalin dia buat hidup abadi.

Review: Pas download dan mulai nonton pilot episode nya gak ada ekspektasi macam-macam. I thought.. oh this is so not going to work. But I actually thoroughly enjoyed the show! Great quality leads, cool story, and interesting twist on the "immortal" formula. So, being "immortal" here, he is actually mortal but regenerates. He actually dies, bro. But, he can alive again. For me, that is pretty neat idea. Ohya, yang jadi Henry Morgan si om om yang jadi ketua geng di Fantastic Four, yang pas gue imdb-ing namanya Ioan Gruffurd.

And by the way, suberb opening scene! That's how to begin a pilot! :)

Verdict: Compelling, my new favorite!

Lagu Oke Bulan Ini (+ Download Link)

Sebenernya udah lama pengen posting tentang lagu-lagu ini. Tapi beberapa waktu lalu lagi kena virus prokrastinasi parah jadi blog semacam terbiarkan gitu deh *bersihin sarang laba-laba* Sooo, jadi kan 1,5 bulanan lalu baru ngelarin nonton drama korea It's Okay It's Love. Ada beberapa lagu soundtracknya yang nempel karna selain ear-catchy, liriknya juga baguuuus. Suka deh, Ini ada 3 lagu yang jadi favorit dan masuk di playlist gue. Btw, serial ini juga bagus loh. Karakter tokohnya unik. Nonton geura!

Ship and The Globe - Kae Sun

Oceans apart and I'm sailing on my dreams
Roll and row but my rolling game too wild
I'm lost in your smile

I'm spending my time watching the ship and the globe
Why beauty's in the simple things
Your sweetness and your elegance
I'm happy you know

paa pa pa paa pa pa paa papa pa paa paa 2X

Cross My Mind - Twin Forks

Why don't you stay for awhile.
It's been too long since I've smiled.
There's too few people I trust.
I won't ask you for too much,
Good conversation and such,
And if I'm being honest...

From time to time
You cross my mind.
Good company
Is hard to find.
From time to time
You cross my mind.
So stay with me,
Just for a night. (You cross my mind...)


Accepted #20factsaboutme challenge from @amalinaputri! So here are facts that you may not know:

#1 Born in Balikpapan, Dec 23. No, I'm not asking for presents. But if you insist, I will gladly accept it *wink*

#2 I'm that kinda girl who has a great fondness for food aka an eating machine. My fav food is food that anything my mum's made. I have a super-mum that can cook food like super yum yum.

#3 Wear hijab since 2nd grade of elementary school. Wear it properly and permanently since 1st grade of high school

#4 Drink iced water most of the time.

#5 I don't like eating rice. But when I'm at home in Balikpapan I often eating it because my mum make super-shiny and super-pulen rice like the one they served in those high-priced japanese resto.

#6 Currently in #foodcombining, I always have fruits for breakfast. I rarely cheat.

#7 My favorite fruit is the kind that considered to be king and queen of fruit: durian and mangosteen. I can't get enough eating them.

#8 I like interact with people.

#9 Hate people who smoke in public places. My respect is lost for smokers.

#10 I have passion in cooking. I think it's genetic. My grandma and my mum is excellent and love to cook.

#11 When I'm talking I hate being ignored and being multitasked. Like when I'm talking people doing stuff with his/her phone. I often yell at them :p

#12 I day-dreaming a lot. Especially when I'm working and during classes when studying.

#13 I treasure my friends. I love hanging around and have long thoughtful conversations with them, with our phones hidden away.

#14 I'm a punctual person. I feel really guilty when I arrive or attend something late.

#15 Everyone (including personality tests) says that I'm extrovert and easy-going but now that I am older, I am very selective on who I talk to

#16 I love watching tv series. #HIMYM, #ModernFamily, #Sherlock, #GreysAnatomy, #TheBigBangTheory are my fav tv series all the time!

#17 For me, #HIMYM and #GreysAnatomy is not just a tv show. I saw it about life and lesson we can learn from it. I saw it as a show to teach us the importance of friendship and love.