Accepted #20factsaboutme challenge from @amalinaputri! So here are facts that you may not know:

#1 Born in Balikpapan, Dec 23. No, I'm not asking for presents. But if you insist, I will gladly accept it *wink*

#2 I'm that kinda girl who has a great fondness for food aka an eating machine. My fav food is food that anything my mum's made. I have a super-mum that can cook food like super yum yum.

#3 Wear hijab since 2nd grade of elementary school. Wear it properly and permanently since 1st grade of high school

#4 Drink iced water most of the time.

#5 I don't like eating rice. But when I'm at home in Balikpapan I often eating it because my mum make super-shiny and super-pulen rice like the one they served in those high-priced japanese resto.

#6 Currently in #foodcombining, I always have fruits for breakfast. I rarely cheat.

#7 My favorite fruit is the kind that considered to be king and queen of fruit: durian and mangosteen. I can't get enough eating them.

#8 I like interact with people.

#9 Hate people who smoke in public places. My respect is lost for smokers.

#10 I have passion in cooking. I think it's genetic. My grandma and my mum is excellent and love to cook.

#11 When I'm talking I hate being ignored and being multitasked. Like when I'm talking people doing stuff with his/her phone. I often yell at them :p

#12 I day-dreaming a lot. Especially when I'm working and during classes when studying.

#13 I treasure my friends. I love hanging around and have long thoughtful conversations with them, with our phones hidden away.

#14 I'm a punctual person. I feel really guilty when I arrive or attend something late.

#15 Everyone (including personality tests) says that I'm extrovert and easy-going but now that I am older, I am very selective on who I talk to

#16 I love watching tv series. #HIMYM, #ModernFamily, #Sherlock, #GreysAnatomy, #TheBigBangTheory are my fav tv series all the time!

#17 For me, #HIMYM and #GreysAnatomy is not just a tv show. I saw it about life and lesson we can learn from it. I saw it as a show to teach us the importance of friendship and love.

#18 I like lists. And itineraries. And planning. Oh, and crossing off things from my lists.

#19 Like truly asian, I have monolid eyes. I didn't realized that until few years ago I saw an article about some korean idol who have monolid thingy. Then few days later, when I took closer look at my eyes, I was amazed.. I didn’t have that little fold that most people had. It's weird though, because the rest of my family have double eyelids.

#20 Because of #19, I never use eyeliner and mascara because it's hard for me to put them on. Okay, i wear it once or twice but it's my friend who put them on.

#21 I hate the smell of minyak telon, minyak angin, minyak tawon and balsem. Inhale it for more than 15 minutes often makes me dizzy.

#22 I love beach! In fact, i have new hobby collecting sand beach, I often ask my friends when they're travelling to bring handful of sand beach to give it to me as oleh-oleh.

#23 Suck at memorizing. I used to be good though, but now, huft. And I'm so jealous with @ina_ys because she's kinda person that can read once or twice then can recite anything from it like a pro.

#24 I like reading a book that at least have a positive, or hopeful, ending. Moreover happy ending with vengeance for the evil and all good things for the heros. I dont like feeling depressed. It's the same with movies.

#25 I am longwinded, which is why this is #25 with a title of #20factsaboutme :p

So there it is! Was tagged a while back on instagram, and I thought, why not have it here for keepsake? Haha.



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